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Update: May, 2003
Episodes 1-4 are now complete and are being shipped out. The series is starting to pick up sales steam. I thought we had the logistics gremlins beaten back once and for all, but they are still engaged in sporadic guerilla warfare.  If any of you have ordered the series and still not received it, please let me know by email and cc. Chance Gardner (chance@magicalegypt.com) so that we can get your order to you.

Update: January, 2003
If you ordered our Magical Egypt series either on DVD or VHS and have not yet received your order, please email cabel@magicalegypt.com.

We ran into quite incredible difficulties with the fulfillment house we hired. First they lost the shipment of DVDs we sent to them, but stalled us for over a month, claiming that it was being shipped out. When we finally found out what had happened, we fired them, but they were demanding payment for what they hadn't done. When we refused to pay, they retained our database, which we still can't get back from them. (We're in litigation at the moment). We've been trying to reconstruct the database through the various credit card companies, and shipping people their long-delayed DVDs. But we still don't have all the names, and it's often only when we're informed that a shipment hasn't arrived that we're able to make good. If that's you, let us know.  

That said, we think we've finally got the gremlins on the run. Episodes II & III are finished and ready to ship out. The feedback so far has been glowing from people who've received their orders. A series of major ads starts on cable channels soon and the signs are good for a substantial success. See the website newly revised and updated, for an introduction to this totally original series on Egypt.  

Update: April, 2002

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new project - something genuinely new under the sun. My friend Chance Gardner is a graphics artist, working with state-of-the art technology in virtual reality and 3D animation. Over theyears he's designed hgh end trailers, commercials, logos and the like for Fox, Paramount, Real and other major Hollywood clients. But his real interest lie in esoteric/metaphysical/hermetic realms.

A couple of years ago he contacted me suggesting that we do a joint project, a comprehensive virtual tour of symbolist Egypt. It is this that is now available. It is like nothing you have ever seen before about Egypt. Short of actually taking one of my trips (still the recommended introduction to this astonishing civilization) it provides a more satisfactory introduction to Egypt than anything else in print or on video.

To get a good idea of what it's about, pull up www.magicalegypt.com. This is a website designed to introduce and promote the project and it will speak for itself -- that is if you can pull it up. To do this successfully, you will need a fairly recent computer and a fast connection, otherwise it will take forever to download and navigating around may not be easy or even possible. We are thinking about preparing a model T version for those without the necessay bells and whistles to at least give an inkling of the project, but this isn't up yet.. So, if interested, go to the URL and see what you think.



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