It really was one of the major events in my life so far. I feel like I've swallowed a time release capsule, which I suspect will spark off some unexpected internal results in the years to come. Egypt was like a magical loop out of time, where all possibilities were present at once. Leaving it was like going into exile ... one of the many unique things about your trips is the combination of spiritual depth with intellectual rigour.

Lynda Whall, Lawrence Brightman

The trip was absolutely incredible for me ... a life-changing experience.

Anne McGlynn

I've been on the standard tour of Egypt and it doesn't compare with your tour. From the Symbolist perspective Egypt comes alive before your eyes and can finally get an idea as to why the ancient Egyptians built these amazing structures...The absolute highlight was being able to get into the Sphinx enclosure!! If the trip had ended right there, that would have been worth the cost. You just can't imagine how great that was for me!

Mike Valetta

As part of the hard-drinking party at the beginning of this year, I want to thank you for sharing your great love, Egypt, with us. Your introduction was a perfect blend of erudition, wit, humor and affection. Your curiosity of spirit and inclusiveness allowed my own experience, while enriching it with yours...Now that I've returned, I turn grateful to your writings -- and those of Schwaller de Lubicz -- and my experience deepens, broadens, fills with meaning.

I feel I've been given passage on the barque of eternity -- steered by Consciousness and Action, or Magic. Drinking the waters from this sacred well, I feel emboldened to make my own quest. A heartfelt thanks to and all the Quest Tours team. May you live to see your wildest surmises validated. Your friend and fellow traveler,

John McGeehan











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